SKIN in treatment

by Pharmacist’s Daughter

“Soothing skin affected by Chemotherapy and Radiation treatments.”

The Pharmacist's Daughter, Merilyn As integrative medicine grows among the Cancer community, the Pharmacist’s Daughter seeks to address a very real source of disruption in a Cancer patient’s life: compromised skin.

Regardless of a person’s skin-type prior to treatment, Chemotherapy makes the skin dry because the drugs used interfere with oil and sweat glands. The decrease in the skin’s moisture level can create severe dry patches, inflammation, itching, soreness/sensitivity and cracked skin. Nails can also be affected by loss of the cuticle and at times, the entire nail.

Radiation, on the other hand, while targeting an internal site, automatically subjects the exterior skin layer to repeated intense heat causing a condition similar to a severe sunburn. Itching, peeling and blistering at the treatment site are not uncommon.

These side-effects have the potential to lead to serious consequences due to a compromised immune system.

Skin in Treatment, is a collection of Skincare that addresses many of these issues with a soothing and hydrating approach. We focus on gentle, plant-based and natural ingredients to soothe inflammation and bind moisture to the skin.

We recommend that you take the time to treat your body gently. Do not use exfoliating products or scrubs on your skin. Use warm, not hot water when you bathe. Apply our moisturizing lotions, creams, salves to damp skin after bathing and at any time throughout the day.

Often times, hair loss is also an unfortunate side effect of Cancer treatments.

Know that each and every product in the line is gentle enough to be used from your scalp down to your toes.

I created this line based on my own skin issues as a result of Cancer treatments. Let my experience be put in service towards giving your skin comfort during this difficult time.

All of the Skin In Treatment products found here can be purchased online through our shop on Etsy.

Thank you for stopping by, and please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions!

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