Welcome to the first installment of my blog!

Welcome to the first installment of my blog!

heart in handWhile it feels like it’s been a long time coming, the truth is – if you had told me that launching a Skincare collection for people going through chemotherapy and radiation treatments would be my ‘dream’, I would have looked at you as if you had ten heads!!
Well, life is – in it’s very essence – about change. After all, the alternative to ‘life’ is stillness, no movement, nothing happening. I think you know where I’m going with this…
So, here I am!


Why a Skincare line?
Amongst some of the unpleasantries I experienced during Chemotherapy, skin issues appeared quickly; three days after my first chemo, in fact. It was Christmas Day. I was in Westport, CT with the new boyfriend, en route to Hartford to meet his extended family. (More on dating throughout chemo at a later date!)

I woke up, went to look in the bathroom mirror and was horrified! My typically normal, ‘combination skin’, as coined by the cosmetics industry, was all red and splotchy with patches of dry flaky skin. I blinked several times trying to incorporate this vision of a reddened lunar landscape as that belonging to my own face! As a soap maker, my own bar soap is a constant source of delicious creaminess and I was sure it would wash this vision down the drain. ‘Ouch! Ouch! Hmmmm, Okay’, I thought, ‘That’s odd. Let’s get some of my high end moisturizer on it right away.’ The result? Searing pain, like a million microscopic bees were stinging my face, leaving larger welts in their wake.

Fast forward through all of the trips to various drugstores in search of some thing to calm my skin. I ended up with no relief but an awful lot of product crammed into the vanity. Something had to be done: enter Skin in Treatment.

Why the blog?
The most important part of my current journey, is the ability to put my experience in service to helping others cope with ‘the Beast’. Notice I didn’t say, ‘fight Cancer’. We all have differences of opinion in this regard; as time goes on, I’ll expound on my viewpoint.

There you have it!
A few more of my particulars?
Living in NYC, single and at 52, in the best physical shape of my life – I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer on the left side. As time went on, I had a mastectomy with extenders, chemotherapy, a recommended option of radiation (I declined), implant exchange surgery with a lift to the right side and half of my thyroid removed, another diagnosis of breast cancer ( different type), another mastectomy with extender, double reconstruction surgery, nipple construction and tattoos!
It was a process that took me 2 1/2 years. Both cancers should have had lymph node involvement, but they didn’t and this fact grounds me in gratitude each and every day.

So I am here! Living my dream! Looking to share my experience with you. Hoping you’ll share yours with the rest of us as we each illuminate the path in some small way for our fellow travelers. As it’s so often said, ” the destination is IN the journey”.


  1. Annette

    Let me be the first to congratulate you on an amazing product that is sorely needed! There is no better product on the market for chemo suffering or just any person. I LOVE swimming in Skin In Treatment! Cudos!

  2. Steve Pargman

    I’ve used many of your products and LOVE them. But this one is really amazing and I know how much others will enjoy them. Keep up the GREAT work. You are an inspiration!!!

  3. Ralph Skidmore

    As you know I am one of your biggest fans , use your product everyday with confidence and the extra love I know you put in it!!!! I am sure your new line will be a huge hit!!!! love the concept and know your customers will feel 200% better after using your line.

    love you Babe!!!!

  4. Heidi

    What a gift you received from your “BEAST”.
    The gift to turn something horrible into something positive.
    Thank you, for looking at your journey as a learning tool and sharing those experiences with us.
    Most people want to move and and forget, but where would the learning come in?
    Looking forward to all that you have to share.

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