Nourishing Foot Balm

Heel Renew

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With all of the medical treatments ravaging skin moisture, it’s no wonder that your feet are starting to feel dry and cranky, too. Depending on treatment, some people will develop deep cracks and yes, lose a few nails. I lost 9 of them. By all means, please use the ‘Solve’ Skin salve on these spot specific areas, but in-between times, use this marvelous balm.

I love the stick format, which makes application a breeze. You can easily and liberally apply it any time under your socks.*

This is a concentrated balm that blends Organic Shea Butter, which is the gold standard of anti-inflammatory and moisturizing benefits, with the soothing qualities of Aloe Vera Oil and the luxurious skin penetrating feel of Golden Jojoba Oil.

Now that your immune system is compromised, I also include some lavender and tea tree essential oils to pack the skin soothing and anti-bacterial punch.

(tip: * this is also a wonderful spot treatment for your elbows and knees)

You will use this balm long after your treatments are done, yes, it’s that good.

2.0 oz in a twist up tube

no parabens, no petroleum by-products, no phthalates

Crafted with the finest ingredients in small batches and with sincere wishes for Courage, Strength and Peace as you undergo treatment.

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