Cooling Aloe Mist for Scalp and Body

Aloe Mist

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Those of you facing radiation know that the skin will necessarily be subjected to intense heat, repeatedly over a prescribed course of several weeks. Many will experience burned skin, similar to sunburn.

What can one do for skin that is suffering this kind of treatment? Immediate topical relief in the form of a cooling, soothing mist like an ocean spray makes sense, right?

So we blend pure Aloe in all of it’s anti-inflammatory goodness with skin pampering Lavender and Peppermint Distillates and even mix in powerful derivatives of Honey, that will booster skin hydration, reduce some of the itching and again, soothe the inflammation.

It is the way in which we blend all of these components that makes our Aloe Mist, a substantial aid, in relieving your skin’s discomfort.

Best used after your initial treatments. Keep in mind that each one of us starts these procedures with varying skin types. There will come a time when even spraying water on your skin will ‘sting’. At that point, we recommend you use the Aloe Milk and the Solve* products, since your skin will react best to higher levels of hydration.

*if your skin actually ‘breaks down’, which means it becomes weepy and blistery, then check with your radiologist, but typically the ‘Solve’ is best at this point.

4.0 oz in a fine mist spray bottle

Crafted with the finest ingredients in small batches and with sincere wishes for Courage, Strength and Peace as you undergo treatment.

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