Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Those of you who know me, know it’s been a particularly bust time! My apologies for not keeping up with my alternate Sunday blog missives!
I accepted a new position with our community hospital: Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center.
BMHMC is a 306 bed acute care facility that has been serving the South Shore of Long Island since 1956. It actually serves 28, twenty-eight! Towns and villages from West Sayville to East Moriches on the coast and up to Coram and Manorville mid-Island!
As they strive to improve their mission statement of care, one of the areas targeted for growth is their Breast Health Services Program.
I will be creating and implementing a Breast Cancer Coalition. I am beyond thrilled!

Community Love

Community Love

I wanted to share this with all of you, especially in light of the focus on Breast Cancer the month of October. Every time I turn around there’s some new fund-raising event. Exciting to see how so many communities participate!
How does one decide what to do? What group to give to?
Something to consider: the national organizations are fabulous, but they are just that, National. But it’s often your grass-roots not-for-profit groups that keep the funds they raise in the community where you live. That means that your neighbors, are being helped. Whether it’s helping them with hot meals or getting them to appointments, purchasing a wig, what ever!
I’m not telling you what to do, just consider your options. Google ‘Breast Cancer Coalitions’ in your neighborhood and you’ll find great organizations as a starting point. The other point to keep in mind is what %’age of your donation goes to their administrative costs and what %’age goes to ‘work’, actually helping those in need, or to research.

Ok! Now go out there and show your support for all of the Brave Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Friends and the occasional Husband, Father, Brother who wake up to a Breast Cancer Diagnosis!


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